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One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

sean twomey

Aniseed-almond meringues a la Kristen Murray of Portland, OR's, *Måurice*

All of the pleasures of *Good & Plenty* from your childhood, but without the need to go to the theater or the troubling discovery that the contents of the box that you're digging into is becoming increasingly more shallow as the movie progresses. In this case the box expands to a size that makes you grateful that you are home. The recipe in Bon Appétit states a yield of 16, but I was barely able to shoehorn my first batch of 32 onto a single, large cookie sheet. Perhaps this is solely a question of portioning, but I have never, ever, approached even half of the number of cookies that a Tollhouse recipe claims to produce. My latest batch of these are in the oven now and produced 64 smaller, single bite meringues. I mean 63. There are 62. But who's complaining?