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artists of hill house podcast

Artists of Hill House is a bi-weekly podcast featuring discussions with the recipients of the Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology's Artist Residency Program. 

artists of hill house podcast


Artists of Hill House is a bi-weekly podcast featuring discussions with the recipients of the Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology's Artist Residency Program. The podcast will present interviews with current and past resident artists, and highlight some of their work. The podcast will also provide news and updates on the alumni, previews of their new works and information on the artists' upcoming events.

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Emily at Hill House

episode 4: emily pittinos

Emily is the 2017-18 Senior Fellow in Poetry at Washington University in St. Louis, where she teaches undergraduate creative writing and works remotely as an editorial assistant for Poetry Northwest. She has received fellowships from the Stadler Center for Poetry at Bucknell University, and she has also won Avery Hopwood Awards in multiple genres.

Emily's poem, Hotspring, is in the current issue of Tupelo Quarterly, and other work is forthcoming elsewhere.

The interview with Michael Longley that Emily discusses is a production of On Being, and can be heard at: The Vitality of Ordinary Things.


Jennifer at Hill House

photo courtesy of the artist

episode 3: jennifer crighton

Jennifer is an songwriter, harpist and singer who has just released her new album, Hermitess. Jennifer is also a visual artist and curator, who has a deep commitment to working collaboratively to improve our collective fates. 

Jennifer has been a staple in the Calgary Indie Music scene, playing in Deadhorse, The Constant C and Devonian Gardens. Hermitess, which she wrote while in residency at Hill House in the winter of 2015, is her first solo release.

Visit to check out the video for her song, Blood Moon, and to explore other great content, including photos and info on her upcoming live shows. 

You can purchase Hermitess on vinyl, cassette and as a digital download at


I forgot to request a photo from Erik, so I stole this from his website.

episodes 3 & 4: the third

Episodes 3 & 4 conclude with a preview of a new track written by Erik Jarvis at Hill House. Erik is a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, who’s new EP, Ancient Future, will be released in the coming weeks. I will be talking with Erik in episode 5, which airs on June 23rd. Erik plays all of the instruments on this track, which is called Crew.

For more information on Erik and his other fantastic solo and collaborative projects, please visit


Kay & Sadah

 photo courtesy of the artist

episode 2: Kay belardinelli

Kay Belardinelli is a writer, photographer and the front person for the band, MAR.

MAR's new album, Fill Your Lungs, was just released this week and is available for download and on cassette at bandcamp.

Information on MAR's upcoming tour and Kay's other performances is available at While you're there, be sure to check out her photography and other works.


Ellia & Jeff

 photo courtesy of the artists               

episode 1: ellia bisker & jeff morris of charming disaster

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Ellia and Jeff have been performing together since 2012. Both of them also lead much larger, critically acclaimed bands: Ellia’s is called Sweet Soubrette, and Jeff’s is called Kotorino

Charming Disaster describe themselves as having a comically dark sensibility, and "write songs that tell stories, exploring themes like love, death, crime, ancient mythology, and the paranormal."

Ellia & Jeff have a second interview in this series airing on 7 July, 2017.

Visit them at

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