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writing instruction & tutoring

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I offer personalized tutoring and instruction in writing, reading comprehension and classical argumentation. 

I specialize in teaching proven, simple strategies which produce clear, concise and evocative writing every time.

Sessions are flexible and tailored to the specific needs of the student, and may include:

  • topic selection and narrowing of focus
  • structure and organization
  • presentation of warranted evidence
  • refutation of counterarguments
  • tone, style and rhythm of language
  • Aristotelian (rhetorical) triangle  
  • audience identification
  • logical fallacies
  • grammar and syntax


Whether your goal is to write a single, polished essay or research paper, or to hone your rhetorical skills through more comprehensive instruction, I can guide you through the process, step by step, to successfully achieve repeatable results which will increase your confidence and your ability to write effectively and easily for any audience.  

I can teach you to write well crafted:

  • essays, research papers and lab reports
  • formal letters and correspondence
  • speeches and presentations
  • fiction, nonfiction prose and poetry
  • family history and memoir

I taught composition, literature and the writing of fiction and nonfiction to both undergraduate and graduate students for seven years.  I received my MFA in Writing and Poetics from The Naropa Institute, and I completed a novel to fulfill the creative dissertation option for my Ph.D from UIC's Program for Writers.   

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